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Video Tutorials - Formatting in Excel Resources
Video Tutorials - Formatting in Excel Resources

Video Tutorials - Formatting in Excel

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Dates Need to Be Formatted!

When using spreadsheets created by different people, you may notice they use different formats for data in the cells. Differing date formats tend to be the most common and correcting these so they are uniform, can be a real pain, particularly if people are...
The Need for Formatting... or Re-formatting

When you are working with dates, currency and numbers in Excel, it is important to present data in an attractive and uniform way. And we all have our own preferences.

But when you work on a spreadsheet that has been created by someone els...
Sometimes multiple format changes are required in Excel on various locations and sheets within a Workbook, this can be time consuming and ineffective.  Excel can provide a more efficient way of doing this for you.

Format Painter is a very powerful and efficient method of copying for...
Excel will often wrap text onto multiple lines within a cell when a column is too narrow. This is fine in most situations but can be annoying if you are trying to format a spreadsheet and ensure that your data fits how you want it to in the columns.

Let’s look at an example below:

When working with Excel it could be useful to select data from a drop down list of options and have that selection further filter information available from another drop down list.

E.g. you could select the application name such as Excel and a second drop down list would only show th...
Formatting data is important in Excel as it allows you to apply emphasis to information as well as clearly mark any headings and totals.

The useful ones for your data are things like Control + B for Bold, Control + I for italic. Control + U for Underline. Alignment shortcuts don’t ...
It can be useful to turn Gridlines off and on to create better looking spreadsheets and forms.

Click on the View Ribbon and turn off the Gridlines by unchecking the gridlines box. You can apply your own formats to the data as needed and press Save to keep your changes.

It may help ...

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