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Video Tutorials - Navigating Excel Resources
Video Tutorials - Navigating Excel Resources

Video Tutorials - Navigating Excel

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The ability to quickly select data in Excel is very useful and can save us time.

To highlight your entire database use Ctrl + A to select All. Ctrl + Home to return to cell A1.

Use Ctrl + Shift + down arrow to select a range of data in a column and Ctrl + Shift + Right arrow to sel...
Zooming in and out of documents, spreadsheets and emails can be useful if we need to see something in a larger font to make it easier to read or when trying to align an object. We have the universal method using CTRL and the SCROLL WHEEL on the mouse which can be used in most programme...
Shift is very useful when using keyboard shortcuts but can often be underrated. When moving around the spreadsheet you may use the mouse or your keyboard or a combination of both. Shift will work differently when using your mouse or your keyboard.

Open a blank workbook on Excel and ...
The QAT or Quick Access Toolbar can be really useful when you've customised it by adding your favourite functions and commands as a shortcut to the QAT. Exporting your QAT can also be really useful if your company resets your customisations whenever you log off or your colleagues would...
Find and replace is a very useful feature available in Office. It can be used to replace products that have been renamed or to fix any formatting issues that may have been input incorrectly.

In the example below someone has entered dates by using dots instead of slashes. Excel won't ...
When you need to group data in Excel or filter and copy and paste the results to another sheet we often find that it pastes everything including the hidden data. So we will add a command to our Quick Access Toolbar to paste only the visible data.

Firstly, we will need the command add...
One minute, you are happily navigating around your spreadsheet and the next, whenever you press the right arrow key, your screen scrolls right.

There are a number of handy features which help navigate throughout Excel and can be of real use. Unless you have turned these on without re...
We all know Pivot Tables are a great feature in Excel, so if you are already familiar with the basics you may get to a position where you want to group data in pivots.

You can group by text or numbers. For example, you can group all your sales by sales region or division, or group yo...
Merging two or more adjacent cells might be useful when you want your title to be centred over a particular section of your spreadsheet. It can be useful when building tables with very specific layouts and changing the appearance of a table.

The merge and centre button

The Merge an...
By default, Excel uses the A1 reference style, which refers to columns as letters, and refers to rows as numbers. These letters and numbers are called row and column headings. However, Excel can be configured to display column labels as numbers instead of letters.

Some people may pre...
The aim of the Ribbon, which is part of all Microsoft Office products, is to help you find all the tools you might need to complete your document. It's a toolbar containing everything from font settings to cell formatting, page layout, and many more. It's an essential feature while you...
Often you will find very fast ways of completing tasks. In our courses, we explain how protecting sheets work and different options to use when setting up a template or file for other people to use.

Locking cells can be very useful. You are effectively disabling cells from being chan...
If you have a table in Excel with lots of random blank rows, you may decide you want to clear all of these out. The long way would be to go down the table, selecting and deleting each blank row, one by one. Lucky there are a few tricks to help with this process.

When you have a table...
We don't always want people poking through all the hard work we've put into our spreadsheets and in Excel, there are often good reasons why you may want to hide the data on particular sheets.

There are a few different ways to hide sheets and secure the workbook, but there are also u...
Being able to select multiple cells in Excel is vital when making formatting changes, selecting cells for a formula, highlighting data for a chart, and much more. To highlight multiple cells, you can simply click and drag over the region you wish to select.

But sometimes Excel select...

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