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Video Tutorials Resources
Video Tutorials Resources

Video Tutorials

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In our next video tutorial we're going to have a look at controlling our PowerPoint presentations. Okay so I'm going to open a PowerPoint and I should have an example file there, yes running presentations. Okay this is a very simple presentation okay so I've got eight slides on there n...
Welcome back to the PowerPoint series of video tutorials from Activia Training. In our next tutorial we're gonna have a look at using animation triggers. Let's start by opening a PowerPoint and I'm gonna open up an example presentation there using animation triggers. Okay so I've just ...
In our next tutorial we're going to have a look at how we add motion paths to our animation, so I'm going to start by opening up PowerPoint. Okay and I'm going to open up an example presentation there using animation motion paths. Okay so I've only got two slides in this presentation t...
A transition effect is the how one slide transitions to another and we use this to make our presentations more visually appealing.

Below you'll find some of the Transition effects available in PowerPoint 2016:

New transition effects are added with every version upgrade. Transitions...
It can be useful when delivering a presentation to a live audience to be able to preview your notes and upcoming slides on your device before showing it to your audience. PowerPoint has a function called Presenter View that does that for you.

Presenter View will preview your notes, t...
PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 have made it incredibly easy to insert a video into your presentation from a website. This means that we no longer have to download the video file and increase the file size of our presentation.

There are multiple reasons and benefits to using videos in Power...
Opening a presentation in the default view mode of editing the slide can make a presentation difficult to manage when you have a large amount of slides. We can set our default view to Slide Sorter to make it easier to work with large presentations. Some presentations act like a storage...
When using PowerPoint, we may need to look at background information around the file so we can view how large the file is or who the last author was and when the file was first created etc.

Click on the File tab and it will open to the Info option by default. The file properties will...
When using PowerPoint, we use Auto layouts to help position text and objects in a manner that looks more professional. The standard layouts can easily and unintentionally be altered by moving the text boxes around.

PowerPoint has the option to reset the layout of slide to its default...
PowerPoint can sometimes insert a blank slide at the end of a presentation and we can deactivate this in the Options ribbon.

To deactivate this, click on File and then Options, select the Advanced category and then scroll down until you see the option to switch off the blank slide:...
When a slide is quite busy it’s nice to be able to temporarily switch off certain items until you need them back again on the slide. Well you can do this now in PowerPoint via the Selection Pane.

So let’s take a look quite literally at this feature. I have generated a slide with ...
PowerPoint has the ability to save a slide in an image format. We can use this to email a slide as a picture or send it to someone using a messaging app or insert into a report on Word making it more convenient than keeping it in PowerPoint format.

First you would design your slide w...
PowerPoint has the ability to insert an Equation from the Insert Ribbon. It gives you greater flexibility and looks neater than using the Insert Symbol option.

Click on the Insert Ribbon and select Equation.

Select the type of equation you need if it’s available in the preset for...
Creating a good quality diagram in PowerPoint is essential if you want it to look professional and visually appealing.

When inserting a shape from the Insert ribbon, you may notice there are no circles or squares. We can adjust this by clicking on the shape and selecting the Shape co...
Most companies have a preferred font and colour scheme that they use to ensure uniformity across all their departments and branches.

We will change the default fonts in PowerPoint using the Slide Master which would make changes to the default slide layouts.

Using the format option...
PowerPoint has a function to help us apply preset formatting to our presentations to make them look more professional and appealing. They will apply font styles, colour schemes and different effects and objects to your entire presentation.

By using these themes, we can ensure that we...

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