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Video Tutorials Resources

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Word has a function that allows us to replace one word with another similar or opposite (synonyms and antonyms) word. This is useful if we don't want the same words to appear repetitively throughout a report.

In terms of the non-digital world, we may search for what we're looking usi...
Most companies have a default formatting that all documents need to conform to. It's easier to change the default setting in Word instead of changing the font and formatting manually. This will affect all new documents and not existing documents.

Open Word and click on the Home tab. ...
Using the Ruler in Word can be very useful as it can give you easier access to certain functions and also allow you to align your paragraphs easier.

To activate it, click on the View tab and tick the box marked Ruler.

The Ruler will now reflect above your Word document. We explain ...
When working with Word you may want to highlight data within the document. Sometimes you may need to check over the information and mark it as yellow but we can also have different colours for different reasons. That will be useful if say yellow is for information to be changed, red fo...
A nice little feature in Word is the ability to take some text and rather than delete it we can put a line through the text known as strikethrough. This marks the text as deleted in a way but you can still see it to refer to the information if you need to.

Just highlight the data and...
Word provides many methods to help you save time with your document creation. One of the little used options is the fact that the Clipboard is capable of storing and reusing 24 separate bits of information not necessarily from Word either. It can store copied data from any of your offi...
We often receive documents that contain multiple different types of formatting or haven’t been formatted in the most efficient manner. Rather than retyping the entire document and starting with a blank template, it’s often easier to remove all the formatting and work with the pure ...
Fields in Word are special blocks of data that are linked to internal data within documents or the system directly.

If we were to insert the date onto a letter and wanted it to update automatically, Word would insert it as a field as it retrieves the date internally from your PC. Wor...
Word is a powerful tool but needs to be used efficiently. To adjust how your text displays across the screen or on print, we don’t manually move it by using tab or the spacebar.

The Tab key is used to indent or align text rather than spacing text out for more accurate result...
MS Word has the ability to add characters that aren’t available on the standard keyboard layout e.g. é or ü or ⅓. We can do this using a keyboard shortcut, Insert Symbol or if it’s a frequently used character you could add it to AutoCorrect.

Here are a few examples that can b...

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