Courses in Negotiating Skills from Activia

Advanced Principles of Better Negotiation

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

This course teaches people an advanced set of principles that will help them obtain better results when negotiating. Whether having acquired negotiating skills by attending our basic level course, or through hard gained experience, this course will instruct on how specifically one can obtain better results, by showing how to place yourself in a strong bargaining position, and then leveraging that position.

Who Should Attend

This course is specifically designed for people with some experience in negotiating, and who are looking to improve upon the skills and experience that they already have by developing a structured approach to how they negotiate.

Course Outline
This course is a 1-day training course structured into 9 modules.
Module 1
Introduction and Course Overview
Topics covered
  • Course Introduction
  • Module 2
    The Power of IF ...
    Learning outcomes
    Learn to use trial statements and questions in order to uncover commitment from the opposing party.
    Topics covered
  • Getting the other party to commit
  • A Trial Statement
  • The Payoff Question
  • Module 3
    Problems with Multiple Party Negotiations
    Learning outcomes
    Know the extra factors to be considered when involved in a multi party negotiation, and how to retain power while negotiating.
    Topics covered
  • Extra factors to consider in multi party negotiations
  • The Element of Competition
  • One Seller/Supplier vs Many Buyers
  • One Buyer vs Many Sellers/Suppliers
  • Joint Ventures - How the Solution Can Have Problems Too
  • Module 4
    Bargaining and Positioning to Advantage
    Learning outcomes
    Understand your position within a negotiation, and how to leverage that for maximum advantage.
    Topics covered
  • A Brief Explanation of the Supply Chain
  • Are You Negotiating Up or Down the Supply Chain?
  • The Concept of Control
  • How to Assert Control
  • Controlling the Negotiation as a Buyer - When to Tender
  • Controlling the Negotiation as a Supplier - When to Auction
  • Auction Options: Starting Low vs Starting High
  • Module 5
    Making Summarising an Art
    Learning outcomes
    Learn how to summarise the negotiation in ways that will best highlight your case.
    Topics covered
  • How to use Summarising to Swing the Vote
  • What Does Summarising Do for Both Parties?
  • Module 6
    Breaking Deadlocks
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to use realistic tactical skills to help break deadlocks in negotiations.
    Topics covered
  • When to Concede and When to Walk Away
  • When your Arguments are an Obstruction to Settlement
  • When A Has to Do Something Before B
  • Recognising the Underlying Emotional Resistance
  • Module 7
    Dealing With The NOs
    Learning outcomes
    Know how to diffuse fear or negative perceptions to make negotiations move forward.
    Topics covered
  • How Fear Can Make or Break the Deal
  • Finding the Positives From the Other Side
  • Module 8
    Controlling the Paperwork: Clauses That Benefit Both Parties
    Learning outcomes
    Be able to use specific clauses that help us legitimise negotiated agreements by protecting both sides.
    Topics covered
  • Indemnity
  • Negotiation/Mediation
  • Period Review
  • Prohibited Contract
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Module 9
    Your Personal Action Plan

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