Training for Selling Skills from Activia

Sales Skills: Beyond the Basics

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

This hands-on one-day sales training course has been designed to give delegates a solid understanding of good selling practices and to enhance their ability to be effective. Introducing popular concepts, delegates are taken through simple but essential selling techniques, in a structured and proven way that will enable them to make instant changes to their working practices and achieve sustained improvements in their performance.

Who Should Attend

The course is intended for anyone involved in a process where sales opportunities exist. The concepts apply to both telephone and face-to-face environments, and while the course has been developed with salespeople in mind, it can also be applied to other people, such as Customer Service or Support staff, who often have the chance to turn situations into sales opportunities.

Course Outline
This course is a 1-day training course structured into 10 modules.
Module 1
Introduction and Course Overview
Module 2
The Right Approach to Sales
Learning outcomes
Analyse the right and wrong way of approaching customer sales calls from the use of a telephone.
Topics covered
  • Case Study: Danny's First Day in Sales
  • Module 3
    Questioning Skills for Sales
    Learning outcomes
    Learn how to control the process of conversation. Develop the tools for effective understanding and get the information you want first time.
    Topics covered
  • What Information Do We Need?
  • Types of Questions
  • Closed Questions
  • Open Questions
  • Leading (Assumptive) Questions
  • Summary Questions
  • Probing (Excavating) Questions
  • Reflective (Mirroring) Questions
  • Exercise: Questioning Practice
  • Powerful Words for Questions
  • Types of Question to Avoid
  • The Funnel Technique
  • The Inverted Funnel Technique
  • Module 4
    Listening Skills for Sales
    Learning outcomes
    Why do we listen badly? Rate your ability to listen and learn the processes for active listening and discover how to understand others.
    Topics covered
  • Benefits of Good Listening
  • Why We Listen Badly!
  • Exercise: How Do You Rate Your Listening Ability?
  • Active Listening
  • Listeners Control Conversations!
  • Module 5
    Maximising Productivity in a Sales Role
    Learning outcomes
    Discover the difference between an Influencer and a decision maker and get to the heart of the sale by talking to the right person.
    Topics covered
  • Deflective Tactics -- Time Wasters
  • Six Habits of Successful Sales People
  • Talking to the Right People
  • Module 6
    Attention - Getting your Customer's Attention
    Learning outcomes
    Learn how to ask the right questions and build on introductions. This module explains those precious first steps.
    Topics covered
  • The 4 Ws
  • Exercise: Questions Using the 4 Ws
  • Module 7
    Interest - Creating Interest in your Customer
    Learning outcomes
    Understand the expectations of your customers their wants and needs, and then identify the signals. This module will give you the tools to understand situation and problem questions.
    Topics covered
  • Customer Expectations, Wants and Needs
  • Buying Signals
  • Keeping Price in Its Place
  • Module 8
    Desire - Motivating Customers to Buy
    Learning outcomes
    Learn how to sell the right benefits and show your expertise. From handling objections to selling advantages, this module will support those critical points that can make or break the process.
    Topics covered
  • Understanding the Customer
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits (FABs)
  • Selling the Right Benefits
  • Module 9
    Action - ABC: Always Be Closing
    Learning outcomes
    "Always be closing" (ABC) is the key to any productive conversation with a customer. Discover the 6 types of closing techniques, the frames and the pitfalls of that crucial last step.
    Topics covered
  • Asking for the Business
  • Effective Closing Techniques
  • Types of Close
  • Framing the Close
  • Pitfalls When Closing the Sale
  • Trial Closing
  • Aiming For Repeat Business
  • Maximising Profit
  • Module 10
    Your Personal Action Plan

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