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Sales Training Courses Designed to Help Smash Targets
Sales Training Courses Designed to Help Smash Targets


Sales Skills Training

training delivered at 11 UK locations or at your offices, with free e-learning revision
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Increase your focus on sales, and the development of business with new and existing customers and you will see a quantum leap in profitability!

Most of the activity generated by your company goes towards paying the bills: does it not stand to reason that any increase in sales will have a disproportionate effect on your profits?

The success -- or even survival -- of any business will depend on how well it can sell its products and services. If sales are low, growth will be stagnant or falling. And, in many cases, the company may not break even.

Lots of people can sell, but what makes the difference is how well those people can do the job. Poor sales performance from your staff will result in lower revenue. If managers cannot provide the right direction for their team, things won't improve.

The sad truth is that many businesses cannot survive in today's tough economic trading conditions. And in many cases, the main reasons aren't to do with market penetration, nor are they related to a lack of interest. Many firms go out of business because they lack the right sales and business development skills.

It's an issue that affects companies of all sizes, whether small or large. Of course, the news isn't all bad, because it's relatively easy to turn around a poor-performing sales team


Sales Skills

We have 9 courses for Sales Skills training:

  • Selling Skills Fast Track
  • Introduction to Successful Selling
  • Putting Selling Skills Into Action
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Successful Telephone Sales
  • Field Sales
  • Managing Key Accounts
  • Negotiation Skills Basics
  • Negotiation Skills Advanced
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Sales Skills training

Presentation Skills

We have 4 courses for Presentation Skills training:

  • Presentation Skills Fast Track
  • Developing Powerful Presentations
  • Delivering Presentations with Confidence
  • Presentation Skills Basics (Half Day)

Sales Management

We have 3 courses for Sales Management training:

  • Sales Management Introduction
  • Sales Management: Managing Results
  • Sales Management: Staff Development
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Sales Management training

Negotiation Skills

We have 2 courses for Negotiation Skills training:

  • Negotiation Skills Basics
  • Negotiation Skills Advanced

Can sales training courses help my company grow?

In a word, yes. But the world of commerce evolves at a rapid pace, so as a business owner or manager, it's your job to make sure your company evolves with it. Otherwise, your firm could soon be running at a loss -- if you aren't doing so already.

New startups are appearing all the time, increasing competition, even though some of these fall by the wayside. That's because new entrants will be founded on new ideas and methodologies, forcing established firms to keep up with the game and hone their skills in attracting new customers -- and building stronger relationships with those they already have.

A sales training programme can give your firm a competitive edge, providing you and your staff with the skills and knowledge needed to help your business grow.

How Activia's courses can help your business

It's a simple fact that almost any company, with some help, can keep at the top of their game, and investing in the right sales training courses is a practical way to boost your revenue.

But, how can Activia's courses help you? We offer training courses in four distinct areas, so here's what we can offer you:

Sales Training

  • Introduction to Successful Selling - a comprehensive course for those new to sales. You'll learn basic skills, and how to be a productive salesperson
  • Putting Selling Skills Into Action - a practical course for managing sales opportunities. Delegates will gain effective selling skills, useful for face-to-face and telephone sales
  • Professional Selling Skills - it's crucial that companies build relationships with their clients. This course will take experienced salespeople to the next level
  • Successful Telephone Sales - telesales is an important aspect of many organisations. Course delegates will learn sales techniques that will get the most out of their calls
  • Field Sales - if your salespeople go out on the road, this course will boost their selling skills in a structured and effective way
  • Key Account Management - this course teaches delegates how to identify their key accounts, set objectives for each account and to achieve them in a focused way they probably haven't considered before

We also offer a Fast Track course, which teaches the basic sales skills needed in an intensive one-day session.

Presentation Skills

Does your sales team meet with potential customers face-to-face? If so, it's likely they will spend time delivering presentations. But, how effective are they?

Activia can help your staff to produce memorable and powerful presentations. Your salespeople usually only have one chance to pitch your brand to your customers, so it's essential they get it right from the start.

We offer two main courses:

  • Developing Powerful Presentations - this course will teach delegates how to identify objectives, target their audience and build a presentation aimed at gaining a positive outcome
  • Delivering Presentations with Confidence - sometimes one can feel nervous or on-edge delivering a presentation. This course will teach you about body language, tone of voice, how to deal with questions and overcoming nerves

We also offer a Fast Track course, which teaches the essentials of effective presentations in an intensive one-day session, as well as a half-day Basics course which is ideal if you want to run short sessions with two groups of staff on the same day.

Sales Management

We offer sales management courses aimed at improving the skills of those who manage teams of sales people. It's essential that your team is led in the right direction. Our courses will help you achieve that goal.

We offer training courses in three distinct areas:

  • Sales Management Introduction - an intensive one-day course that teaches managers the fundamentals
  • Sales Management: Managing Results - aimed at those who want to make their team prosper
  • Sales Management: Staff Development - an important course for all sales managers and directors. You'll learn crucial staff development skills

Negotiation Skills

An important part of any business deal is achieving the best terms you can. There is no point in coming to an arrangement where the profitability, or volumes, do not justify the effort and activity they require.

We offer a one-day course to help you become an effective negotiator, teaching you proven skills in identifying objectives and opportunities, and of course closing a deal that achieves the best outcome for you.

Contact us on 0333 6000 111 or request a callback to book one of our sales and business development courses.

With Activia, delegates can check their skill level which ensures they book on the correct course. This facility is also invaluable when putting together training programmes or bespoke courses for numbers of delegates.

We can also tailor your Sales and Developing Business training to your needs, or to your company project requirements, taking you from first principles to whatever level you want to achieve.




Patrick Duffy, Course: Managing Key Accounts Jun 16 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "the trainer Stuart was absolutely brilliant, in his covering of the training brochure and giving a better understanding of the terms being used in the book. would highly recommend this course and the trainer to friends and colleagues."

Francesca Lessels , Course: Managing Key Accounts Apr 25 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "I really enjoyed the day and felt like I achieved everything I set out to. The trainer was lovely and I would use her again."

Jonathan Pratt, Course: Successful Telephone Sales Mar 3 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "Good structure and class size was also good."

Cheryl Henry, Course: Presentation Skills Fast Track Feb 28 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable and experienced and added some humour to the day."

Rachel Pollard, Course: Successful Telephone Sales Feb 21 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "Vivenne our tutor is a wealth of experience and asset to your company, "

Greg Swarbrick, Course: Negotiation Skills Basics Feb 21 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "Victoria was a great trainer, highly recommended"

Guljar Miah, Course: Delivering Presentations with Confidence Feb 21 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "The trainer Wayne was very good! he kept us engaged the entire session and at no point did I feel any boredom or tiredness. He was very hands on and gave us lots of tips and feedback and his training exceeded my expectations. "

Matthew Hibberd, Course: Sales Management Introduction Feb 20 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "John was excellent and brought the whole day and training book to life and made learning easy and enjoyable. He discussed with me what I currently do and made me think rather than tell me about how I could do things differently to improve the way myself and the company work. I will be looking to do part 2 of the sales manager training with John and Activia :) "

Marina Cantabrana, Course: Professional Selling Skills Feb 16 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "The teacher was fantastic, which made the class itself very interesting. The content provided by the teacher was far more dynamic and interesting than the one provided by Activia."

Vanessa McDermott, Course: Field Sales Feb 6 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "Thank you! Vivienne was absolutely super and I left feeling skilled up and equipped with all kinds of new tools and strategies. I'd had a totally tailored and very effective day of training."

Lauren Jones, Course: Successful Telephone Sales Jan 31 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "I thought that the trainer, John was very good and I felt that he made the course enjoyable. "

Simona Lendelova, Course: Presentation Skills Fast Track Jan 26 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "I enjoyed the course, trainer was very helpful and willing to answer all questions."

Dawn Dewhurst , Course: Presentation Skills Fast Track Jan 26 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "Very good Trainer."

Verity Perkins, Course: Negotiation Skills Basics Jan 18 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "very good trainer"

Rachel Smith, Course: Managing Key Accounts Jan 16 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "It was a really informative day, the trainer was great, and the facilities were very good."

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Presentation Skills

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We can enhance your skills with training in skills for sales at any of our twelve training centres UK wide, or we can come to your offices: if you have groups of three or more staff who need training, this is a very convenient, flexible and cost effective option. Moreover, most of our sales courses are 1 day, which keeps "out of office" periods for attendees to a minimum.

We have been delivering sales skills training all over the UK since 1995 and have continually developed our philosophy of high quality, flexible and results-driven provision of training courses in Sales to ensure constantly improving standards of quality.   So you can be confident that we have the expertise, and the experience, to give you a great return on your investment in Training Courses in Sales from Activia.

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