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 £1,000 UK Scholarship Award 

 Enter for your chance to win a scholarship to help finance your studies 

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Activia are pleased to offer a £1,000 scholarship for college and university students in the UK

To see how to apply, click here

Student Finances

OK, so we’re a business training company, but we’ve been there ourselves as students: money is tight anyway, and even with a student loan, the demands of rent, tuition fees, books and materials only add to the pressure.

And please, just please, is there any left for a bit of a social life, or a trip out, or even a round of drinks or a bottle of wine (to be consumed slowly...)?

According to research by the NUS, 64% of students worry about their finances all the time or very often, and 36% are worrying so much it is affecting their mental health. And you’re supposed to focus on study?

Winners will be announced soon, and they will be added to our winners page.
But don't worry: all entries from now on will be automatically entered into the next award ending on 31st January 2020.
So, ... are you going to take part?

About the Scholarship

So, we’ve had a think, and we are pleased to offer a £1,000 annual scholarship for college and university students in the UK. There is no specific course of study required, and you can use the money in whatever way that you feel benefits your studies the most.

There will be two scholarship awards of £500 each year, running to January and July, as follows:

  • TWO video winners will EACH receive £165
  • TWO blog article winners will EACH receive £85

Furthermore, all entries adjudged to be of a suitable standard will be eligible for a runner up award as follows:

  • YouTube videos: £15
  • Blog articles: £10

Only one entry per student, per award period, is permitted.


To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be attending, or have secured a place, on an undergraduate or postgraduate programme at a recognised higher learning institution in the UK
  • At least 16 years of age

You give us permission to publish the following if you are a winner or submit an entry of special merit:

  • Your name
  • Your area of residence (not your full address)
  • Your entry

You must also have a bank or similar account (PayPal is great) into which we can pay funds electronically.
For reasons of safe transmission we do not send out cheques through the post.

How to Apply

To apply, please answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. Why is learning important to you and how has it impacted your life?
  2. Why is having good “people” skills important and how do you use them?
  3. Why is having good technical or job-specific skills important and how will this make you more employable?
  4. How will this scholarship award help you?

Entries can be research-based, or just well-argued, and comedy is fine as long as it’s relevant.  Just be yourself and do your best.

Submissions can be made in either video or blog article format.

A) Video submission guidelines:

1. Select ONE of the questions from the list above
2. Create a short video (no more than 4 minutes) answering your selected question. This can be you speaking to the camera (webcam), or a movie or a slide presentation
3. Upload the video to YouTube and put “Activia Training UK Scholarship” as the title
4. You must also provide a link* to this page inside the description area. Use your own words in and around the link
5. When you have completed these steps, fill out the form below

B)  Blog article submission guidelines:

1. Select ONE of the questions from the list above
2. Write a short blog article on your selected question (500-1,000 words)
3. Publish the article on your blog (it can be yours or a friend's). Choose your own title for the article
4. You must also provide a link* to this page either within the article or at the end of it. Use your own words in and around the link
5. When you have completed these steps, fill out the form below

* IMPORTANT: we want to publicise the scholarship as widely as possible, to give as many people as possible the chance to enter, so you must provide a link to this page (as specified in item 4 above) in order to qualify for judging.  This link must be "clickable" - i.e. when you click the text, you are taken to the the page. Your entry must also be freely viewable on the web (e.g. not hidden behind a password-protected login like Google Docs or on a private blog).

Please don't waste your hard work, because if your entry doesn't contain this link, or isn't freely viewable, it will be disqualified!


Submissions received ON or BEFORE 31st July 2019 were entered into the July award
Submissions received ON or BEFORE 31st January 2020 will be entered into the January award
Successful applicants will be contacted in 30-45 days for the details we'll want for their Winners page


Decisions will be made by the Activia Training judges and will be final. Here’s the thing. None of their friends or relatives is eligible for prizes, and there is no favouritism or hidden agenda.

Actually, we just want to help talented and hard-working students. So good luck with what you do!

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