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 Scholarship Awards for Students 

 Simple-to-enter competition for a scholarship to help finance your studies 
Home Scholarship Awards


Activia are pleased to offer scholarship awards for college and university students


The response was great, and the quality of entries was really high, making our job a tough one!

But now we have the winners finalised, and runners up too, so take a look at the Winners Page to see who won, along with their entries and a short interview with each!

Now, on to the next award ... are you going to take part?


£1,000 Scholarship Award for UK Students

uk scholarship award

Click here for full details of eligibility for the UK Award.

$1,500 Scholarship Award for US Students

us scholarship award

Click here for full details of eligibility for the US Award.

It's Tough Out There

There’s no two ways about it, being a student nowadays is tough, especially when it comes to finances. Not only are students facing extortionate living costs while at university but they are also left with looming debt after they leave.

Student financing has become so much of a problem that it is affecting the one thing students are there to do: to study! A survey by Save The Student showed that a massive 80% of students said they are worried about having enough money to get by – so much so that it’s affecting their academic performance.

Where the Money Goes

Typically, a university student’s main sources of spending are rent, food, socialising and travel. However, a study by Student Money Saver showed some worrying statistics: 41% of the students they asked have gone without food in the past because of money concerns, and 29% said they can't afford to put the heating on when it's cold. Almost a third of the students in this study also said they have considered dropping out altogether because they can’t afford to be there. And although most universities will provide financial advice and emergency funding in extreme cases, the majority of students either don’t realise this is an option, or they feel too embarrassed to ask for assistance.

What Can Be Done?

In order to afford to live, many students will get a part time job - but this isn’t always enough and many of them still resort to borrowing money from their parents; which can be disheartening as it shatters their sense of independence. Another option is to take out a payday loan, but this all too often leads to further debts and sources of stress - it’s very much a lose-lose situation.

However, a great way to receive extra funding for university students, without the added stress, is through a scholarship. So to relieve some of the pressure and help students with their finances, Activia Training is offering two scholarship programs, one for UK and one for US citizens.

To see how to apply, and whether you’re eligible, click on the relevant link:

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