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Building Relationships training

Building and Influencing Relationships
Building and Influencing Relationships


The best solution for Building Relationships Training

A hands-on one-day course with free e-learning revision after your training and pre-course online skills testing
CPD accredited course

Note: this Building Great Relationships course is CPD certified.
It is available as either a classroom course with e-revision, or an online course.
This means that not only has it been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but it comes with a FREE CPD Certification certificate, as well as an Activia diploma of completion.


Full details of modules and topics covered in this one-day course

Blended learning

Note: Free e-learning revision is available with this course: 12 months of access for each delegate on scheduled public (open) classes and standard on-site/private classes (not available for bespoke courses) .


This is a one-day training course structured into 10 modules

To give staff members appropriate tools to influence a range of situations at work, encouraging others to 'give of their best' and promoting workable compromises.
Anyone who wants to develop more productive working relationships with colleagues, clients and other internal customers.

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MODULE 1:  Introduction and Course Overview
MODULE 2:  About Positive Relationships
Learning outcomes:
Use our questionnaire to help you identify and prioritise your interpersonal skills development.
Topics covered:
  • Forced Relationships
  • Influences in Forming and Building Relationships
  • Why we Need Positive Relationships
  • Identifying what you Need from Relationships
MODULE 3:  Models of Behaviour
Learning outcomes:
How we communicate, the parts of communication and the importance attached to each part.
Topics covered:
  • The Betari Box
  • Strokes
  • Transactional Analysis and Ego States
  • The Three Parts of Communication
  • Assertiveness vs Responsiveness
MODULE 4:  Building Rapport
Learning outcomes:
Communication is a two-way street: learn the benefits and barriers to communication face to face or by phone.
Topics covered:
  • What Is Rapport Building
  • 6 Tips for Establishing Rapport
  • 6 Tips for Building Rapport
MODULE 5:  Increasing your Likeability Factor
Learning outcomes:
Why do we like some people instantly and find others harder to communicate with? See how we can improve our skills in this area.
Topics covered:
  • Being Capable
  • Being Caring
  • Being Uplifting
  • How to Increase your Likeability Factor
  • Being Amiable
  • Being Dependable
MODULE 6:  The Assertive Approach to Relationships
Learning outcomes:
Learn about the communication wheel, which is the model by which most human communications work including elements of understanding, respect and affection.
Topics covered:
  • Saying No Nicely
  • The Three Step Approach to Assertive Behaviour
  • The Assertive Approach
  • Understanding Different Behaviour Types
  • The Need to Be Assertive
MODULE 7:  Influencing Relationships
Learning outcomes:
Understand how physical and psychological stressors can impact of the human voice.
Topics covered:
  • Difficult Relationships
  • Whats in it for Me? (WIIFM)
  • Power and Influencing
  • Dale Carnegie and Self Awareness
  • Dale Carnegie
MODULE 8:  Openness, Disclosure and Feedback
Learning outcomes:
Learn about aggressive, passive (submissive) and assertive behaviours and how they impact on interpersonal skills.
Topics covered:
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Trust and Respect
  • The Psychological Contract
  • What Is Disclosure?
  • The Johari Window
MODULE 9:  Effective Networking
Learning outcomes:
Understand how to prepare to act assertively by using the 3 steps approach to assertive behaviour. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
Topics covered:
  • Reasons for Networking
  • The Benefits of Networking
  • Things to Remember With NetWorking
  • Simple Tips for Networking Meetings
  • Effective Business Networking
MODULE 10:  Your Personal Action Plan

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Nique Routen, Nov 3 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "My thanks to the trainer for his patience and understanding."

Richard Idle, Jun 7 2017
Course rating of 5 stars "I was initially surprised as the course ended up being a one on one, when I was expecting a group, which was unexpected. However, in the end this was better as it allowed the course to focus on my needs."

Andrew Lee, Jan 17 2017
Course rating of 4 stars "The course ended up being one to one and it worked very well for me."

Rachel Gisbourne, Jun 23 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Roy was very nice & delivered the course in a fun & good manner."

Tracy Flatt , Jun 15 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Wayne the trainer was very good in what he delivered. Made it easy to understand and adapted to everyone even though we all were from different departments."

Jeanette Williams , Jun 15 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Wayne our tutor made sure everyone took part during the session"

Jackie Sparks , Jun 15 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Very good course"

Charlotte Freddi , Jun 15 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the delivery and the instructors ability to answer questions was great. It was also nice that the group was mixed with individuals from across all areas of the business. "

Letisha Childs, Jun 15 2016
Course rating of 5 stars "The speaker was incredibly enthusiastic. This make the course interesting as having someone speak about an issue with passion, makes it so much more engaging. "

Emma Murphy , Jun 15 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "The trainer was very good and engaging and made it fun as well as poignant."

Tina Mantle , May 12 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Wayne the trainer has great ability to capture attention and sustain it. Would recommend his teaching ability to any course."

karen kay , May 12 2016
Course rating of 4 stars "Thank you"

Luana Botas, Mar 19 2015
Course rating of 4 stars "I liked Graham's enthusiasm, he's a very lively trainer."

Sarah Ebbs, Apr 25 2014
Course rating of 3 stars "Jackie was lovely and very friendly. She made the course fun and interesting."

Liz Vickers, Oct 22 2013
Course rating of 4 stars "I enjoyed the course. It was very relaxed and informative."



Blended learning
FREE E-learning Revision

With our latest Building Relationships courses, you get free e-learning revision for a full 12 months after your class so you can reinforce the knowledge you have gained.

Access is simple: go to and log in using your email address.   This will give you free access to our e-learning revision modules.

Note: These have been developed and written exclusively by Activia to maximise effectiveness, by matching the e-learning exactly to what you cover in class.   We hope you have fun, on the day of the course and with honing your knowledge afterwards!

General Information

All Activia building relationships training has been created, reviewed and developed to ensure up to date provision and constantly improving standards of content. Our Building Relationships training is interactive and classroom-based which maximises learning through the ability to ask questions and discuss specific issues.

Class Sizes

Maximum class size for Building Relationships courses is 10 delegates, which ensures that attendees get adequate time for personal attention from the instructor. At some of our centres, the maximum class size is 12 delegates.

Note that we never cancel our scheduled classes -- even if there are only one or two delegates -- so once you have booked, your place is assured.

For training at your offices, we can deliver classes of up to 15 delegates, though with bigger class sizes you must understand that there is less time for questions from delegates, and this may affect the quality of their experience.

How to book
Course, dates and delegate numbers
Decide on the Building Relationships course you want, the date(s) you can attend, and the number of delegates involved
Training location
Also decide whether you want training at your offices or at one of our centres
Speedy course booking
You can use the Speedy Quote option to contact us for a quick price, or you can book online from the schedule on this website
Call us
if at any time you want help or advice, or you want to book on the telephone, just call us on 0333 6000 111 to speak to one of our friendly training advisors

Note: With non-credit card bookings you must sign and return a Booking Form before we can confirm your training.

Also note: If you are a private individual you must pay by credit card at the time of booking.

The confirmation process
Course places allocated
Your place is allocated, along with the trainer, workbooks and exercise files if appropriate
Booking confirmation
You receive an official confirmation, with joining instructions (and directions if it's at our centre)
Training invoice
You receive a VAT invoice

Note: Please allow 1 - 2 working days for your confirmation and invoice.

What happens on the day

If you are coming to our centre, dress code is smart casual.   Refreshments in the form of tea/coffee will be provided for morning and afternoon breaks, but please note that we do not provide lunch.   The timetable is as follows:













Note: break times can vary according to the needs of the training, and course duration for smaller class sizes are usually shorter because fewer delegates have fewer questions !

For training at your offices, this itenerary can be varied by prior arrangement.

What you get

With your Building Relationships training course from Activia, you get a free workbook, so you can review and revise afterwards to reinforce your knowledge. With all Building Relationships courses, you are also given 12 months access to free e-learning revision which will further help you to reinforce the lessons you have learned.

Every delegate on a Building Relationships course also gets an Activia Training Attendance Certificate.


Call us on:
0333 6000 111

   You can Email us direct (You'll usually get a response within 2-3 working hours)
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We can enhance your skills with influencing better relationships at any of our twelve training centres UK wide, or we can come to your offices: if you have groups of three or more staff who need training, this is a very convenient, flexible and cost effective option. Moreover, most of our building relationships courses are 1 day, which keeps "out of office" periods for attendees to a minimum.

We have been delivering building great relationships all over the UK since 1995 and have continually developed our philosophy of high quality, flexible and results-driven provision of building and influencing relationships to ensure constantly improving standards of quality.   So you can be confident that we have the expertise, and the experience, to give you a great return on your investment in Building and Influencing Relationships from Activia.

Why not contact us today to see how we can help with providing your relationship building training ?

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