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Training Courses for Communication Skills from Activia

 Interactive courses that will improve communication skills: one of the most important areas of personal interaction 
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Results Through Better Communications

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Good communication skills are one of the most sought-after by employers, regardless of which industry you work in. But what does it mean exactly? What makes someone a good communicator and why is it such an essential skill nowadays?

In its simplest form, communication is the ability to convey information to another individual - or individuals - effectively. But communication is a complex process which consists of more than just a series of words. In addition to the verbal message, your tone and quality of voice, as well as your body language and emotional display all play an important part in how your message is transferred to, and understood by, the other person.

Investing in a communication skills training course will help you learn how to convey messages in a clear and straightforward way, express your thoughts and ideas in a confident manner, demonstrate a varied and appropriate vocabulary, and be able to tailor your message and style to your audience.

Communication Skills Training Courses from Activia
Effective Communication Skills

[Duration: one day]


  • Course Overview and Learning Objectives
  • Communication
  • Communication Barriers
  • Asking Questions
  • Listening Skills
  • Body Language
  • Your Personal Action Plan





Michele Sherman, Jun 15 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"The course tutor, Candy, was very helpful and easy to talk to which helped with the communications part of the course. I particularly enjoyed the quiz we did and the play-acting section. I am currently considering what other courses I might like to do." Nigel Hibberd, Jun 10 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"I enjoyed the training. The trainer was very nice and welcoming. " Nicola Kirkby, Jan 27 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"I think your courses work better than those from other providers I have been on over the years, because you only teach small groups. With it being small groups, I think this helps you to learn more and they can also tailor it more to what you need out of the course." Laura Robinson, Aug 19 2015
Course rating of 4 stars
"Lyn was absolutly brilliant in every aspect of the day." Susan Crookes, Jul 17 2015
Course rating of 4 stars
"My tutor was Phillip, what a lovely bloke, easy to get along with, did not speak in jargon, was passionate about his topic and I was lucky to have his undivided attention given that I was the only candidate that day ...." Dena Trossell, Apr 29 2015
Course rating of 5 stars
"The course was excellent and I couldn't make any other suggestions for improvement: I really enjoyed the training and I felt I got a lot out of the day. " Irene Hadley, Apr 29 2015
Course rating of 5 stars
"The information flowed and it was interesting to listen to. I enjoyed the day on the course and it was an insight to how I can get the best out of my team. I will certainly recommend the course to others. " Janet Wollen, Feb 27 2015
Course rating of 5 stars
"The tutor was very good. I enjoyed the one to one session, to me i seem to understand more and can ask a lot more questions, it was very enjoyable. I left feeling very positive. Thank you. " Bijoy Roy, Dec 18 2014
Course rating of 4 stars
"i have enjoyed my time duirng the course and learnt a lot." Nicola Johnson, Dec 11 2014
Course rating of 4 stars
"the trainer was enthusiastic and engaging and made the course enjoyable. It was a bonus having only 2 participants because we were able to make the course more useful to our specific needs." Rhys Evans, Oct 14 2014
Course rating of 4 stars
"It was a good day and i have learnt a lot from this training. :)" Anna Krekorian, Oct 14 2014
Course rating of 4 stars
"The course leader was very friendly and helpful." Matona Mbungu, Oct 9 2014
Course rating of 5 stars
"I will definitely advise anyone wishing to attend this training to do so,as this was really useful. " Daniel Chapman, Sep 25 2014
Course rating of 5 stars
"I would like to highly commend our trainer. He was extremely helpful and informative. He also made the course a pleasure to take part in. " Stephen Carr, Sep 24 2014
Course rating of 4 stars
"The trainer was excellent, I will recommend this course to everyone. "


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Why Are Good Communication Skills Important?

Good communication skills are at the foundation of success in almost any role, both in professional and personal life. Effective communication is crucial for every profession and industry, and being able to express yourself clearly and adapt yourself to new situations will help you advance in your career, resolve any differences and solve different problems more easily.

And not only does it help you with your career, it is also an important part of personal relationships. Effective communication helps you to understand people or situations better and, as a result, avoid misunderstanding and conflicts.

How Do Organisations Benefit?

Consider it the other way: what happens of people lack communication skills? How does an organisation suffer?

Consider teams of people who speak to each other, but do not articulate their thoughts. You have employess who have no clear idea of objectives – either theirs or those of their team. Colleagues who work together but have little sense of how to work better together. And do not forget the effect on grievances, which left unaddressed, will grow over time.

So the reverse is clear: leaders who convey their objectives clearly and logically, a general sense of co-ordinated and effective action, and teams of people who get along in a common cause. The result is not just measurably better performance but also greater stability through a happy and motivated workforce.

How Do Activia's Communications Courses Help You?

The aim of Activia's communication skills courses is to help you understand the impact that communication has on other people, and how improving these skills can make it easier to get better results. The training is designed specifically to help you to become more effective in the workplace.

It will help you to recognise the importance of body language and how your non-verbal signs affect communication, and give you useful tips on how to use gestures and emotions effectively. We will explain why being a good listener is essential for effective communication, and teach you how you can improve your listening skills so that you get better results.

And, as with all our workshops, the focus is on you. In order to help you get the best possible results for your business, we provide you with an individual evaluation and help you develop a personal action plan, which you can start implementing right after your training session. Our small classroom size means that you will also get a chance to ask questions or discuss any difficulties with our trainers, who will be happy to assist you on the day

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