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Effective Time Management
Effective Time Management


The best source of Time Management Training Courses

A hands-on one-day course with free e-learning revision after your training and pre-course online skills testing
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CPD accredited course

Note: this Effective Time Management course is CPD certified.
It is available as either a classroom course with online revision, or an online course.
This means that not only has it been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but it comes with a FREE CPD Certification certificate, as well as an Activia diploma of completion.
We are a corporate member of the CPD: the highest level of association available.


Full details of modules and topics covered in this one-day course

Blended learning

Note: Free e-learning revision is available with this course: 12 months of access for each delegate on scheduled public (open) classes and standard on-site/private classes (not available for bespoke courses) .


This is a one-day training course structured into 10 modules


This one-day workshop is designed to provide delegates with the skills required to analyse their use of time and to give practical tools to improve their own self-management.


Anyone who needs to manage their time ! This includes senior managers, line managers and supervisors, administrators, project managers and many more


Do you:

  • Procrastinate ?
  • Often run late ?
  • Overschedule yourself ?
  • Feel that you are forced to rush jobs ?
  • Lack real control of your workload ?

Time management has been in existence for a long time, but the term creates a false impression because time cannot be managed : we can only manage ourselves and our use of time.
So time management is actually self management, and all time management skills can be learned.
We teach you how to build time management techniques into your daily routine so you can recognize and solve personal time management problems, staying in control of your working day.
The result ? Your working day will be less stressful, more productive and much more enjoyable.

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MODULE 1:  Introduction and Course Overview
MODULE 2:  How to Prioritise
Learning outcomes:
Understand the importance of defining priorities, and how to apply different approaches to the Prioritisation Grid that make your time much more productive.
Topics covered:
  • Benefit versus Effort
  • Urgent versus Important
  • Why We Need Time Management
  • Values and Priorities
  • The Prioritisation Grid
MODULE 3:  Time Robbers
Learning outcomes:
Self-inflicted or Imposed by others. Discuss and evaluate the interventions that can side track and derail us throughout the day. Awareness can greatly affect the outcome.
Topics covered:
  • Time Robbers Imposed by Others
  • Time Robbers Imposed by You
MODULE 4:  Planning Your Work
Learning outcomes:
From analysing planning tools to setting up a process that's right for you, this module opens the discussion on a variety of common options.
Topics covered:
  • Benefits of Planning
  • Guidelines and Tools for Efficient Planning
  • The Difference Between Planning and Scheduling
  • Five Minutes Before the Hour
MODULE 5:  The Four D's
Learning outcomes:
Can you decide how to selectively improve how you value each task? This straightforward method will empower you with a mind-set to allocate a priority through a four phase value system.
Topics covered:
  • What makes the 4 Ds easy
  • Guidelines for Keeping a Piece of Paper
  • Dump, Delay, Delegate and Do
  • Using the 4 Ds
MODULE 6:  How to Delegate Effectively
Learning outcomes:
To develop the skills for incorporating individual strengths into a team dynamic with achievement can be a powerful tool to maximise time efficiency. This module will discuss the core essentials.
Topics covered:
  • What is Delegation?
  • The Five Levels of Delegation
  • Five Steps to Delegation
  • Keeping Responsibility
  • When You Cannot Delegate
MODULE 7:  Setting SMART Goals for Yourself
Learning outcomes:
Understand the importance of systematic setting of SMART goals and achievement through completion.
Topics covered:
  • Why You Need to Set Goals NOW
  • Knowing What You Want to Accomplish
  • The Three Ps of Goals
  • SMART Goals
MODULE 8:  Techniques for Getting Organised
Learning outcomes:
Sometimes choice is everything. Learn how to organise your workspace, control the effect of emails and managing your work processes through batching are covered in this module.
Topics covered:
  • The Need for Organisation
  • Organising your Day - Using a "To Do" List
  • Pareto – the 80-20 Rule – and Quick Wins
  • Organising your Workspace
  • Effective E-mail Operation
  • The Batching Technique
  • Streamlining Your Approach with STING
  • Meetings and Phone Calls
MODULE 9:  Time Mapping
Topics covered:
  • Using Technology
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Scheduling of Demanding Tasks
  • What is a Time Map?
MODULE 10:  Your Personal Action Plan

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Effective Time Management
Nov 14, 2019
Manchester Piccadilly
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Nov 18, 2019
London Victoria
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Nov 26, 2019
Bristol Easton BS5
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Dec 2, 2019
Leeds West One
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Time Management Basics (Half Day)

[Duration: half day]

Time Management Basics (Half Day)

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Time Robbers
  • Prioritisation Grid
  • Planning
  • Setting Goals
  • Getting Organised
  • The Four Ds
  • Your Personal Action Plan



Charlotte Rattlidge
, Oct 31 2019
"Amazing trainer, a real asset to your company. Great course. "

Course rating of 4 stars
Jessica Waldock
, Oct 28 2019
"Great course, very engaging and full of useful information. The trainer got the whole group talking and helping each other. Overall very knowledgeable and engaging trainer! "

Course rating of 3 stars
Dawn Shakespeare
, Oct 28 2019
"enjoyable training session"

Course rating of 4 stars
Lydia Hedges
, Oct 28 2019
"Very useful and interesting content with a great instructor who was interactive and engaging."

Course rating of 4 stars
Katie Sosinski
, Oct 24 2019
"enjoyed the course and the delivery style, prefer the interactive aspect as opposed to feeling lectured"

Course rating of 3 stars
Lindsey Roberts
, Oct 24 2019
"Overall good, makes you realise where your time gone and the reasons why"

Course rating of 4 stars
Michelle Brewis
, Oct 24 2019
"Really enjoyed the training and thought that the trainer gave a really engaged session. I enjoyed her style and pace as she kept me engaged the whole day and i walked away feeling enlightened"

Course rating of 4 stars
David Brownhill
, Oct 24 2019
"Really good, and looking to implement / use a couple of the techniques."

Course rating of 4 stars
Dave Lees
, Oct 23 2019
"Good course, covered all aspects for what we required."

Course rating of 1 stars
Liz Williams
, Oct 23 2019
"The trainer was knowledgeable and I took away understanding of how to manage my time."

Course rating of 3 stars
Morgan Tanner
, Oct 21 2019
"Great training course"

Course rating of 4 stars
John Bailey
, Oct 18 2019
"Very relaxed, covered what I would have expected and hoped. Trainer had very good coaching skills that got the best out of us."

Course rating of 3 stars
Ziyed Hadjam
, Oct 10 2019
"Terrific great easy to understand"

Course rating of 3 stars
Sharon Reid
, Oct 9 2019
"Great - very useful "

Course rating of 4 stars
Georgina Grove
, Sep 19 2019
"Patrick was a very inspirational and entertaining speaker."

Course rating of 4 stars
Craig Edmonds
, Sep 19 2019
"Paddy was fantastically engaging and valued everyone's input, despite everyone's varied background and experience."

Course rating of 4 stars
Caroline Wright
, Sep 17 2019
"I felt the training fulfilled my requirements."

Course rating of 4 stars
Dean Roberts-Lowe
, Sep 16 2019
"I thought the course was very well structured and created in a way to be very insightful without being too overwhelming. The course highlighted areas that can benefit me, as an individual and could benefit the business as a whole. It enabled me to take more control and to be able to look at the time I use in a more efficient and digestible way. I have already started to use my calendar planner and to implement some of the techniques raised and highlighted by our trainer Anna."

Course rating of 4 stars
Bianca Williams
, Sep 12 2019
"Ann the trainer was brilliant. Very knowledgeable and didn't give us the answers to exercised until we had tried ourselves and took the time to go through the thought/logic process with us individually"

Course rating of 4 stars
Sarah Witt
, Sep 12 2019
"The trainer was very friendly & it was a relaxed atmosphere which put me at ease. The training was very thought provoking & everyone had an input & suggestions/ideas which helped."

Course rating of 4 stars
Laura Pavitt
, Sep 12 2019
"The training by Ann was brilliant. The course was thorough and I left feeling excited to begin putting new processes into practice. "

Course rating of 4 stars


Blended learning
FREE Online Revision

With our latest Time Management courses, you get free online revision for a full 12 months after your class so you can reinforce the knowledge you have gained.

Access is simple: go to and log in using your email address.   This will give you free access to our e-learning revision modules.

Note: These have been developed and written exclusively by Activia to maximise effectiveness, by matching the online content exactly to what you cover in class.   We hope you have fun, on the day of the course and with honing your knowledge afterwards!

General Information

All Activia time management training courses have been created, reviewed and developed to ensure up to date provision and constantly improving standards of content. Our Time Management training is interactive and classroom-based which maximises learning through the ability to ask questions and discuss specific issues.

Class Sizes

Maximum class size for Time Management courses is 10 delegates, which ensures that attendees get adequate time for personal attention from the instructor. At some of our centres, the maximum class size is 12 delegates.

Note that we never cancel our scheduled classes -- even if there are only one or two delegates -- so once you have booked, your place is assured.

For training at your offices, we can deliver classes of up to 15 delegates, though with bigger class sizes you must understand that there is less time for questions from delegates, and this may affect the quality of their experience.

How to book
Course, dates and delegate numbers
Decide on the Time Management course you want, the date(s) you can attend, and the number of delegates involved
Training location
Also decide whether you want training at your offices or at one of our centres
Speedy course booking
You can use the Speedy Quote option to contact us for a quick price, or you can book online from the schedule on this website
Call us
if at any time you want help or advice, or you want to book on the telephone, just call us on 0333 6000 111 to speak to one of our friendly training advisors

Note: With non-credit card bookings you must sign and return a Booking Form before we can confirm your training.

Also note: If you are a private individual you must pay by credit card at the time of booking.

The confirmation process
Course places allocated
Your place is allocated, along with the trainer, workbooks and exercise files if appropriate
Booking confirmation
You receive an official confirmation, with joining instructions (and directions if it's at our centre)
Training invoice
You receive a VAT invoice

Note: Please allow 1 - 2 working days for your confirmation and invoice.

What happens on the day

If you are coming to our centre, dress code is smart casual.   Refreshments in the form of tea/coffee will be provided for morning and afternoon breaks, but please note that we do not provide lunch.   The timetable is as follows:













Note: break times can vary according to the needs of the training, and course duration for smaller class sizes are usually shorter because fewer delegates have fewer questions !

For training at your offices, this itinerary can be varied by prior arrangement.

What you get

With your Time Management training course from Activia, you get a free workbook, so you can review and revise afterwards to reinforce your knowledge. With all courses, you are also given 12 months access to free online revision which will further help you to reinforce the lessons you have learned.

Every delegate on a Time Management course also gets an Activia Training Attendance Certificate.


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