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Effective Time Management

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Why Time Management Training ?

Do you:

  • Procrastinate ?
  • Often run late ?
  • Overschedule yourself ?
  • Feel that you are forced to rush jobs ?
  • Lack real control of your workload ?

Time management has been in existence for a long time, but the term creates a false impression because time cannot be managed : we can only manage ourselves and our use of time.
So time management is actually self management, and all time management skills can be learned.
We teach you how to build time management techniques into your daily routine so you can recognize and solve personal time management problems, staying in control of your working day.
The result ? Your working day will be less stressful, more productive and much more enjoyable.

Course Aims

This one-day workshop is designed to provide delegates with the skills required to analyse their use of time and to give practical tools to improve their own self-management.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to manage their time ! This includes senior managers, line managers and supervisors, administrators, project managers and many more

Course Outline
This course is a 1-day training course structured into 10 modules.
Module 1
Introduction and Course Overview
Module 2
How to Prioritise
Learning outcomes
Understand the importance of defining priorities, and how to apply different approaches to the Prioritisation Grid that make your time much more productive.
Topics covered
  • Why We Need Time Management
  • Values and Priorities
  • The Prioritisation Grid
  • Urgent versus Important
  • Benefit versus Effort
  • Module 3
    Time Robbers
    Learning outcomes
    Self-inflicted or Imposed by others. Discuss and evaluate the interventions that can side track and derail us throughout the day. Awareness can greatly affect the outcome.
    Topics covered
  • Time Robbers Imposed by Others
  • Time Robbers Imposed by You
  • Module 4
    Planning Your Work
    Learning outcomes
    From analysing planning tools to setting up a process that's right for you, this module opens the discussion on a variety of common options.
    Topics covered
  • Benefits of Planning
  • Guidelines and Tools for Efficient Planning
  • The Difference Between Planning and Scheduling
  • Five Minutes Before the Hour
  • Module 5
    The Four D's
    Learning outcomes
    Can you decide how to selectively improve how you value each task? This straightforward method will empower you with a mind-set to allocate a priority through a four phase value system.
    Topics covered
  • Dump, Delay, Delegate and Do
  • Using the 4 Ds
  • Guidelines for Keeping a Piece of Paper
  • What makes the 4 Ds easy
  • Module 6
    How to Delegate Effectively
    Learning outcomes
    To develop the skills for incorporating individual strengths into a team dynamic with achievement can be a powerful tool to maximise time efficiency. This module will discuss the core essentials.
    Topics covered
  • What is Delegation?
  • The Five Levels of Delegation
  • Five Steps to Delegation
  • Keeping Responsibility
  • When You Cannot Delegate
  • Module 7
    Setting SMART Goals for Yourself
    Learning outcomes
    Understand the importance of systematic setting of SMART goals and achievement through completion.
    Topics covered
  • Why You Need to Set Goals NOW
  • Knowing What You Want to Accomplish
  • The Three Ps of Goals
  • SMART Goals
  • Module 8
    Techniques for Getting Organised
    Learning outcomes
    Sometimes choice is everything. Learn how to organise your workspace, control the effect of emails and managing your work processes through batching are covered in this module.
    Topics covered
  • The Need for Organisation
  • Organising your Day - Using a "To Do" List
  • Pareto - the 80-20 Rule - and Quick Wins
  • Organising your Workspace
  • Effective E-mail Operation
  • The Batching Technique
  • Streamlining Your Approach with STING
  • Meetings and Phone Calls
  • Module 9
    Time Mapping
    Topics covered
  • What is a Time Map?
  • Scheduling of Demanding Tasks
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Using Technology
  • Module 10
    Your Personal Action Plan

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