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Time Management Basics (Half Day)

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Intensive Half-Day Workshop for Time Management

This fast-track workshop is specially constructed to provide delegates with the most effective skills in the shortest possible time.

Course Aims

This intensive half-day workshop is designed to provide delegates with the skills required to analyse their use of time and to give them the tols to understand and improve their own self-management.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to manage their time ! This includes senior managers, line managers and supervisors, administrators, assistants, secretaries and many more.

Course Outline
This course is a 1-day training course structured into 8 modules.
Module 1
Introduction and Course Overview
Module 2
Time Robbers
Learning outcomes
Self-inflicted or Imposed by others. Discuss and evaluate the interventions that can side track and derail us throughout the day. Awareness can greatly affect the outcome.
Topics covered
  • Self Inflicted Time Robbers
  • Time Robbers Imposed by Others
  • Module 3
    Prioritisation Grid
    Learning outcomes
    A unique system for designing a task schedule based on Urgent versus Important.
    Topics covered
  • The Prioritisation Grid
  • Urgent versus Important
  • Maintaining Responsibility
  • Module 4
    Learning outcomes
    From analysing planning tools to setting up a process that's right for you, this module opens the discussion on a variety of common options.
    Topics covered
  • Planning Tools
  • Using a Planner
  • Exercise: Planning a Get-Together
  • Module 5
    Setting Goals
    Learning outcomes
    Understand the importance of systematic setting of SMART goals and achievement through completion.
    Topics covered
  • The Importance of Setting Goals
  • Knowing What You Want to Accomplish
  • SMART Goals
  • Module 6
    Getting Organised
    Learning outcomes
    Sometimes choice is everything. Learn how to organise your workspace, control the effect of emails and managing your work processes through batching are covered in this module.
    Topics covered
  • Strategy, Choice and Making a Difference
  • Organising your Workspace
  • Effective E-mail Operation
  • The Batching Technique
  • Module 7
    The Four Ds
    Learning outcomes
    Can you decide how to selectively improve how you value each task? This straightforward method will empower you with a mind-set to allocate a priority through a four phase value system.
    Topics covered
  • Do, Dump, Delay, and Delegate
  • Guidelines for Keeping a Piece of Paper
  • Module 8
    Your Personal Action Plan

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