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Training Courses for Time Management from Activia

 Interactive courses that provide great proven techniques for getting much more out of every working day
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Making Much More of Your Time

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What is Time Management?

Have you ever felt as if you don't have enough hours in the day to finish what you have planned to do, while others manage to accomplish their goals on time? Are you constantly rushing from one task to the next without making significant progress and wondering how other people manage to fit everything into one day? The truth is, we all have the same amount of time in a day, but they are simply using their time more efficiently.

Time management is the way we plan and organise how long we spend on different tasks in order to accomplish our goals. It is not about squeezing as many tasks into our day as possible; more about effective prioritising and organising our workload, and learning how to eliminate procrastination and time-wasting habits. By including it in our own personal development plan, we will not only see our productivity rise, but our stress levels reduce. A training course in time management will show you all kinds of proven techniques that will help you do just that, and enable you to get the most out of your working day.

Time Management Training Courses from Activia
Effective Time Management

[Duration: one day]


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Left Brain/Right Brain
  • When Time Isn't Managed
  • Time Robbers
  • Prioritising Your Work
  • Planning Your Work
  • Assertiveness and How to Say No
  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • Setting SMART Goals for Yourself
  • Techniques for Getting Organised
  • The Four D's
  • Managing your Workload
  • Your Personal Action Plan

Time Management Basics (Half Day)

[Duration: half day]


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Time Robbers
  • Prioritisation Grid
  • Planning
  • Setting Goals
  • Getting Organised
  • The Four Ds
  • Your Personal Action Plan





Helen Sutherland, Jul 6 2016
Course rating of 3 stars
"Overall satisfied with the course and feel that I have learned some good techniques for better time management. Thank you!" Ellicia Pendle, Jul 6 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"Our trainer, Anthony, was very friendly, and conducted a thoughtful, well-organised and well-planned training session. He encouraged all of us to play an active role in the session, and this made sure that we all got the most out of the day's training. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues." Nicola Farrell-Deveau, Jun 30 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"Really impressed with this course." Michael David Smith, Jun 15 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"The training was well presented and met my training needs." Jean Williams, May 23 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"I recommend it to everyone who needs help in time management." Jasmine , May 23 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"The person that led the training was very engaging and paid attention the entire way through. He provided clear examples demonstrating to us the best ways each of could approach certain situations. " Joanne Cook, May 11 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"very good and lovely trainer" David Webster, May 11 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"Very impressed with what was delivered. Would recommend and will be back for further training later in the year." Esther Domson, May 9 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"Excellent trainer - very helpful to adjust topics to suit specific issues that were most important to our organisation. " Dr Neville Cameron, May 5 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"I would highly recommend this course. The trainer, Ray, had a vast knowledge of the subject matter, was very well prepared and it showed in his presentation style. The course passed very quickly as a result and was highly enjoyable." Hannah Mathiot , Apr 28 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"I was very pleased with the trainer and the course overall, I would recommend it to others in the future." Jackie Gorham, Apr 26 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"Very nice to be in a small group. Nice to be with people working from different environments and yet we all had the same goals." Sarah Harris, Mar 31 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"The trainer, Simon, was excellent, very knowledgeable and very engaging." Michael Ekpo, Mar 7 2016
Course rating of 4 stars
"The trainer showed great knowledge and understanding of the subject and provided some useful insight and phrases which will stick with me forever." Steven Rigby, Mar 3 2016
Course rating of 5 stars
"Ivor was a fantastic course leader and I would recommend the course to other people looking for a Time Management Course."


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Why is Good Time Management Important?

Effective time management is an important skill to master, because failing to plan and schedule your time will have serious consequences. Weakness in this area can lead to missed deadlines, a decline in the quality of your work, more pressure, stress and recurring disappointment. It can also have a negative effect on relationships, both in and out of work, and can make you feel constantly overwhelmed. People who are able to manage their time effectively, however, are more productive, less pressured and feel much more in control of their day.

Time management training helps you to learn how to build simple, effective techniques into your daily routine so you can recognise and solve personal time management problems, staying in control of your working day. As a result, your day will be less stressful, more productive and much more enjoyable.

How Do Activia's Courses Help You?

Our time management courses are designed to provide you with the necessary skills to analyse your use of time and to give you practical tips on how to improve your own self-management. The training will help you to understand the difference between urgent and important tasks, explain how to delegate and organise your workspace effectively, why settings goals is essential and how to plan them properly.

We teach you how to build these techniques into your daily routine, which will help you to become more productive and work towards your objectives more efficiently.

At Activia's workshops, the focus is on you. All our courses are interactive, giving you the chance to ask questions and discuss personal problems or difficulties on the day. We even help you to build a personal action plan, which will assist you in putting your new skills into practice when you return from your training.

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We have been delivering effective time management training all over the UK since 1995 and have continually developed our philosophy of high quality, flexible and results-driven provision of training courses for Time management to ensure constantly improving standards of quality.   So you can be confident that we have the expertise, and the experience, to give you a great return on your investment in courses for managing Time.

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