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Training for large businesses

What is a Large Business?

Definitions are hard to come by, but by the process of deduction, from the upper limits stated for a medium sized business in Section 465 of the Companies Act 2006a large company will have a 'turnover of more than £25.9 million or a balance sheet total of more than £12.9 million, and more than 250 employees.'

This seems to be quite arbitrary from an operational point of view, since bare numbers tell very little of the story.  Much smaller companies can have a structure (say, with many sites or different product divisions) that require far greater levels of control than comparable businesses; likewise large companies with perhaps a single product area or a small contracted customer base, will be able to operate with fewer operational considerations than their sales volumes may suggest.

We see the over-riding factor in defining a large company is the matter of culture and operation.

Training Courses UK from Activia

Large Buiness culture and Operation

Every business has its own way of working, but some general rules can be applied:

A high level of complexity will exist, usually managed by breaking down the business into divisions and, often, sub divisions.   These can be defined in a number of ways (location, products or markets for example) and this can create great operating efficiencies and competitive advantages through specialisation.

A need for control can be the downside of this, since diverse units often produce replication or, worse still, a lack of co-ordination.   The inevitable centralised control therefore adds an extra layer of decision making which is the key to the way that large businesses operate.

The level of decentralistion is key.   If, for example, budgets are set centrally, this will be done well in advance, and although there is scope for local flexing, processes are rigid: financial controls, aimed at keeping the business in shape, can actually hinder its operation.   Large companies who decentralise control to their units are more responsive to events, with faster and better informed decision-making.

Resources and roles are well-defined and the well-supported structure enables staff to focus on their core skills, which improves the effectiveness of the organisation, and tends to channel staff development in specific directions.

How does this relate to training?   Your company is likely to have an in-house training function which handles most of your needs.   But there is often a need for specialist or even ad hoc services that cannot best be provided by internal staff.
However, the choice of partners is often uncertain because of the frequent need to engage a number of different providers, each with their own procedures, cultures and even quality standards.

We excel at providing reliable, effective support to bigger organisations and years of experience with hundreds of large companies have enabled us to develop a number of targeted services that give us an edge in our delivery.

Activia Training and Large Businesses

Here are some of the ways in which Activia can assist you with your training needs:

  • We provide a wide range of relevant training.
    With our extensive portfolio of courses, we deliver training in almost every area of office-based business skills.   From your point of view, using Activia as a preferred training provider will make your job easier and more effective.
  • Low prices based on IT-driven efficiency and quality.
    Our heavy investment in IT-driven quality and control systems means that our operation is more efficient, yet more controlled, than anyone in the market.   So you can get more from your budget without compromising quality.
  • Dedicated account managers to handle your relationship with Activia.
    With ongoing and regular training requirements, we can appoint an account manager who will ensure you get priority treatment for your bookings, and keep you informed of new courses and our occasional special promotions.
  • Multiple locations and onsite training around the UK.
    If you have multiple locations, we have ten training centres which run Public and Private (closed) classes, or we can come to your offices if you prefer.
  • Free online skills check to match your staff to our courses.
    This ensures that your delegates are always training at the right level.
  • Free online bespoke course builder for specific training needs.
    You can create your own course, and the content will be matched to the subjects you need to cover.   This is especially useful if you have a group of delegates who need to address defined needs in several areas or levels of specialisation.
  • Assured quality Our accreditations from ISO9001, the IITT and the ILM, ensure proven standards which guarantee that you receive the highest levels of service.
  • Online Portal to reduce your workload.   Our unique Portal enables you to delegate the bookings to line managers or even the delegates themselves, while keeping full control of the process.   Management reports enable you to keep track of training history as well as expenditure by departments and individuals.

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