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Training for medium sized businesses

What is a Medium Sized Business?

A medium sized business is defined in many ways.
Section 465 of the Companies Act 2006 states that a medium sized company is one with a 'turnover of not more than £25.9 million, a balance sheet total of not more than £12.9 million and not more than 250 employees.'
The European Commission says that it is a business with 'turnover of less than €50m (or a balance sheet value of less than €43m) and less than 250 employees.'

However, both of these definitions, in our opinion, set the bar too high because there are significant differences at a much lower level that create a need for another break point.
For example, a broad count of employee numbers takes no account of whether they are full time, part time, contract or even home-based. So a company operating a large network of freelance consultants or home workers who may not be categorised as employees can have the structure of a much larger company.

We see the most useful distinction as being one of culture and operation

Training Courses UK from Activia

Medium Sized Buiness Culture and Operation

Every business is different, but some general rules can usually be applied:

Budgets for non-core activities often exist, but can also be flexible and even ad hoc: there is often scope for reapportioning or even increasing budget allocation if the need arises and a strong case is made.

Roles are usually well-defined but can be affected or even redefined by operational needs, These are usually temporary, though sometimes longer term changes need to be made as the result of, say, market shifts.

Structure exists by necessity, but there is a large element of multi-tasking or even sharing of roles,and senior staff often have very hands-on elements to their roles.

You have the opportunity to exhibit the flexibility of smaller companies and the organisation of large companies – indeed, this is one of our own major advantages – but this requires constant work, in reviewing activity to produce quality-driven and sustainable development.

How does this relate to training?   Your company will have an awareness of the value of training, it is likely to have a training budget and may even have an in-house training function.   But you will not have a sufficient requirement to justify a full training operation, and in this case, the use of an external provider who can deliver specific training, and be used only when needed, makes a great deal of sense.

How do I manage external providers ?   Keep it to a minimum !   At Activia, we have developed our range of courses to cover all the essential skills required by businesses – desktop software (especially Microsoft applications), generic or 'soft' skills such as Time Management and Assertiveness, job-related skills like Customer Service, Sales, Receptionist Skills and Presentation Skills, as well as specialist skills in Staff Supervision and Management, Decision Making and Project Management.

As a highly successful, medium-sized business, we share many your aspirations, opportunities and your problems. Why not talk to like-minded people ?

Activia Training and Medium Sized Businesses

Here are some of the ways in which Activia will make your training easier and better:

  • We can provide all your core training needs.
    With our huge range of courses, there isn't much we can't fulfil when it comes to business training.   From your point of view, a single provider means less of a management overhead, more control and a better working relationship.
  • Low prices to help you get the most from your budget.
    In the current recessionary environment, training can be one of the first things to be cut, even though it provides one of the most significant, and quickest, returns on any operating investment.   Companies are in any case putting pressure on costs in every area, and even with a budget agreed, it is very helpful if you can demonstrate that you are maximising the value of your outlay.
    We have the prices that will enable you to do this.
  • Dedicated account managers if you have regular needs.
    If you need ongoing help with regular training requirements, we can appoint an account manager who will ensure you get priority treatment for your bookings, and keep you informed of new courses and our occasional special promotions.
  • Multiple locations and onsite training around the UK.
    If you have multiple locations, we have ten training centres which run Public and Private (closed) classes, or we can come to your offices if you prefer.
  • Free online skills check to match your staff to our courses.
    This ensures that when you send someone on a course, they are training at the right level, and you avoid having people attending the wrong course.
  • Free online bespoke course builder for specific training needs.
    You are able to create your own course, which can be run at your offices or at one of our centres, and the content will be matched to the subjects you need.
    This is especially useful if you have a group of delegates who are attending training to address defined needs in several areas or levels of specialisation.
  • Assured quality With accreditations from ISO9001, the IITT and the ILM, we have proven standards which guarantee you receive the highest levels of service.

If you'd like to talk about your needs, why not request a free callback?


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