Javascript Web Page Training from Activia

JavaScript Scripting : Introduction

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Course Aims

This hands-on one day training course is designed to provide the basic skills necessary to enhance Web pages with JavaScript. Delegates will learn key concepts such as how to use variables, operators, functions, objects, and write scripts for form elements.

Who Should Attend

The course is intended for new users of JavaScript, who want to become productive in the shortest possible time. Delegates should be proficient in using a PC with the Microsoft Windows operating system, but no prior experience with Javascript is required.

Course Outline
This course is a 1-day training course structured into 6 modules.
Module 1
Getting started with JavaScript
Topics covered
  • JavaScript: What is it?
  • JavaScript: What can it do?
  • JavaScript: How does it work?
  • Module 2
    JavaScript scripting basics, part 1
    Topics covered
  • Displaying messages in the Netscape status bar
  • Displaying the current date
  • Displaying and dynamically updating the current time
  • Module 3
    JavaScript scripting basics, part 2
    Topics covered
  • Creating scrolling text banners
  • Creating a RoloURL to access URLs from a list
  • Module 4
    Validating user-entered data
    Topics covered
  • Validating user-entered text data
  • Validating user-entered numeric data
  • Validating user-entered check box data
  • Enabling the Surveys Submit button
  • Module 5
    Generating tables and windows
    Topics covered
  • Generating an HTML table to display a monthly calendar
  • Displaying the current month in the calendar table
  • Enabling users to display other months
  • Displaying the calendar in its own window
  • Module 6
    Managing frames
    Topics covered
  • Laying out the final multiframe JavaScript Central! page
  • Displaying documents in windows and frames
  • Creating Back and Forward frame-history navigation buttons

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