Training in Job Search from Activia

Finding the Right Role for You

A 1-Day Training Course

Course Content

Intensive Half-Day Workshop for Job Search

This fast-track workshop is specially constructed to provide delegates with the most effective skills in the shortest possible time.

Course Aims

This intensive half-day workshop will provide delegates with the information, tools and techniques they require to carry out an effective and efficient job search.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is looking for employment and who wants to use a structured, informed approach to decide on the best job for them, and how to take advantage of the different opportunities that existin the jobs market.

Course Outline
This course is a 1-day training course structured into 7 modules.
Module 1
Introduction and Course Overview
Module 2
Starting Your Job Search
Topics covered
  • Improving Your Chances
  • Your Values: What You Want
  • Looking For a Job: Points to Remember
  • Module 3
    Planning the Search
    Topics covered
  • Setting Targets
  • Module 4
    Advertised Vacancies
    Topics covered
  • Job Advertisements
  • Vacancy Assessment Worksheet
  • Writing a Job Application Letter
  • Sample Job Application Letters
  • Module 5
    Direct / Unsolicited Approaches
    Topics covered
  • How Direct Approaches Benefit Companies and Applicants
  • Conducting the Research
  • Resources for Research
  • Writing a Direct Contact Letter
  • Sample Direct Contact Letters
  • Following Up Your Direct Contact Letter
  • Direct Contact via the Telephone
  • Getting the Most from the Direct Contact Call
  • Module 6
    Topics covered
  • Networking and the Job Market
  • Networking: A Three Stage Process.
  • Making Contact
  • Sample Networking Contact Letters
  • Meetings
  • Conducting the Meeting
  • Following the Meeting
  • Module 7
    Your Personal Action Plan

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